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... a 13 week foundational self-discovery programme for highly Capable Women

Specifically designed for all the incredible perfectionist, people-pleasing, over functioning, high achieving 'Good Girls' and 'Strong Ones' out there!

Modelled on the tools that I have personally embodied which have supported me in my journey of recovery from all of the above. Helping me to recognise that my emotions don't make me weak and that I don't need to be perfect or to please everyone to be loved.

Available as a self-guided programme without any coaching from me,  a group  programme, and a one to one programme.

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My Signature Programme

One to One Private Sessions

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Magic Key Calls...

This offering is for you if you need some support in unlocking a particular area of your life which is causing you to feel stuck.

Whether it be a limiting self-belief which is holding you back, a lingering emotion you're not sure how to process, or a physical body sensation (eg. chronic pain) you think holds a message for you; together we explore, unpick, unlock, and liberate the Truth that lies within.


2 hours of call time which is split into a 1.5 hour intensive coaching session, followed up with a 30 minute check-in a week later to further support your integration process. 


£130 (I am open to discussing a reduced rate for anyone whose income has been impacted by the pandemic and for anyone who is on Minimum Wage)

To book your Magic Key call, send me an email by clicking here.

Workshops & Retreats

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One-Off Events

I hold various workshops and retreats both in-person and online .

To see what's coming up in the near future, check out my Events Page by clicking here.


This work is not for the faint-hearted. It can dramatically alter the way you perceive your life, your relationships, society, systems, and the planet. In re-discovering who you actually are as a human being, you may end up feeling like you need to radically change the way you are living. This might include things like deciding to break up with a long-term partner, quitting the job you've always had, taking your kids out of school, moving house, etc.​ Decisions like these may seem inconceivable right now, however, as we dig down deep into the truth of who you are, action may well need to be taken in order to live a more aligned and fulfilling life.