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Part One: Becoming Aware

Week 13: Endings & Beginnings

Transitions - Endings, Fertile Emptiness, & New Beginnings.

Week 12: Sovereignty, Signs, & Intuition

Values & guidelines for living a liberated, sovereign life; signs from the Universe; is it intuition or conditioning?

Week 11: Energy 02 - Within & Without

Internal/Individual/Micro energy systems & External/Collective/Macro energy systems.

Week 10: Energy 01 - Natural Cycles

The Seasons, Moon Phases, & Menstrual Cycle.

Week 09: Boundaries Masterclass

What is a boundary? How to say ‘no’, how to have the uncomfortable conversation, how to stand in your power and speak your truth without blowing up or breaking down

Week 08: How To Honour & Heal A Heavy Heart

Sadness, Grief, Depression, and the Suicidal Urge - Endings & the Art of Letting Go

Week 07: Integration Week

Halfway through!

Week 06: Monsters & Shadows

Jealousy and Envy hold a lot of wisdom! As does your Shadow…

Week 05: Feel The Fire!

Anger, Frustration, Agitation, and Disappointment - which one are you feeling and what can you do about it?

Week 04: Vulnerability Deep Dive

How to spot when your Conditioned Self is running the show & how to return to a space of Soulful Alignment...

Week 03: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Fear, Vulnerability, Guilt, and Shame - how are they related and how are they different?

Feel the Feels

Cutting edge research is now showing us that unprocessed and unresolved emotions get stored in the body. These trapped emotions can lead to not only mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and rageful outbursts, but also physical health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Auto-Immune Diseases, Arthritis, and Cancer. It is therefore absolutely vital for our general wellbeing (mental and physical) to understand our emotions, how to process them fully, and to become Emotionally Agile.

This week's video module covers: What are Emotions and why do we have them? The Four Steps to Emotional Agility, The Scale of Emotional Activation - Are you living in your Comfort Zone, Learning Zone, or Reactive Zone? Everyday examples of the Stress Response. Anxiety & Depression/Burnout - the cycle of the Highly Capable Woman.

Week 02: Emotional Agility

Your body is talking, are you listening?

Due to the mainstream schooling systems a lot of us have attended, we get programmed from a very young age to be in our heads. This is great for exploring the world of science and learning how to spell, however, when it comes to processing our emotions we need to get back in connection with our bodies.

Our emotional responses start in the body with subtle and sometimes not so subtle physical sensations, for example, a racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, butterflies in the tummy, a smile, or a lump in the throat. Learning the nuance and meaning behind each of these sensations and which emotion they correlate to, for us as individuals, is the first vital step in becoming emotionally agile.

This week's video module will teach you the tools you need to reconnect to your body, how to really feel the sensations within it, and begin to understand the ways in which it is communicating with you.

Week 01: Welcome & Opening Ceremony

Self-Guided Opening Ceremony